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Dr. Anton Coleman’s trajectory through the Neurosciences started at 19 years old during year two of medical school when he became enamored with the brain while teaching anatomy to medical students. As a teacher´s assistant for Neuroanatomy from the 2nd-7th years of medical school, his love of the brain grew exponentially, especially for the “limbic system” where emotions and memory occur in our brains [Dr. Coleman has 2 museum pieces of the limbic system on display at the Universdad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina].

After medical school Dr. Anton Coleman completed post-graduate training in Neurobiochemistry at Cornell University. After his internship, Oregon was his destination for a Neurology residency that immersed him in the art of Neuropsychology. This led to 4 years of post-doctoral fellowships at Harvard Medical School in Behavioral Neurology & Neuroanatomy and later in Neuroendocrinology. Basic science research and clinical research were strong components of this training. Over these years he studied common dementias (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease) and many rare forms of dementia. In addition, he seized the opportunity to study many Savants (as seen in the movie “Rain Man” and described in books by Oliver Sacks) becoming fascinated with the unusual manners our brains function.

In addition to practicing Behavioral Neurology & Neuroendocrinology in the USA and Argentina, he is involved in a potentially large research project with Volga Germans in Argentina that emigrated from Russia in the 1880’s, that involves one of the three genetic forms of Alzheimer’s disease—striving for a cure for AD!

For further information about Behavioral Neurology and Neuroendocrinology, you can visit my website: DrAntonColeman.org

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