Brawn, Brains, and Grains of Truth

ImageMemetic Brawn

One would like to think that our refined brains are resistant to the brawn and brute force of fashion or fad, the percussion of repetition. But any such conviction would be the triumph of hope over experience. The most indelible warning of this vulnerability is perhaps the allegorical tale of the emperor’s new clothes,[1] but the tendency reverberates routinely through our culture with implications of far greater moment to public health than imperial nudity.

One example that springs to mind is the notion that more nutritious foods cost more. Certainly, diets made up of highly nutritious foods cost more than diets made up of highly processed junk.[2] But what about the comparison among likes: more and less nutritious breads, more and less nutritious spreads, more and less nutritious soups or nuts? Ask yourself how many times you have heard that more nutritious foods cost more, then ask yourself how many times any data were attached to the assertion.

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By David L. Katz, MD, MPH – Medscape Neurology

About Anton Coleman, MD

I am a Behavioral Neurologist & Neuro-Endocrinologist with more than 27 years of experience and practice.
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